How to win at Roulette in a casino

Roulette is an old game, which history dates back to that ancient Roman Empire. Not so many people know it: they do care more not about these facts, but wonder how to win at Roulette, using this or that strategy or tricks.

The human mind is creative: hundreds of books and thousands of articles on how to always win at Roulette have been constantly appearing. A bunch of them have many common things.

How to win at Roulette game

Roulette adds a lot of excitement to life. Its strategies are sufficient, but they can usually be divided into 3 categories:

  1. Negative progression;
  2. Positive progression;
  3. Those strategies that do not refer to the first 2 groups.

Online gamblers know that if they learn how to win at Roulette machines, the chances to leave an internet casino with money on an account will gain.

Martingale strategy

Here, the player makes a starting bet on one of the even-bet areas on the outer court of the table (i.e. even / odd, red / black). The first round is started and if the player wins, he collects his winnings and places a bet on the second field. If he loses this round, he doubles his bet and plays the same area. If he wins, he will be left with the amount of his starting bet to win. If a gambler loses again, he doubles the bet once more. This continues until he wins. As a result, the € 5 starting bet increases to € 160 in six rounds. This is a negative progression. Newbies, who wish to get more odds to become winners, and learn how to win at Roulette, try Martingale at least once in their life.

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Labouchere strategy

This is a variation of a negative progression in which a few numbers are written on a notepad, e.g. 2 – 4 – 3. The player bets the sum of the first and last number. If he wins, he crosses over the first and last numbers. If he loses, he adds the lost amount after the series of numbers and plays until all the numbers are checked. Upon winning the session, the player wins the sum of the first numbers. Not so many beginners use Labouchere. It seems to be a bit complicated: newbies, who wonder how to win at online Roulette, pick simpler strategies.

how to win at roulette

Other popular strategies in Roulette

There are other well-known ways used by gamblers, who are eager to learn how to win at Roulette and get the biggest payout.

  • Oscar’s Grind. This is a variation of positive progression in which the bet is raised in winning rounds until the player is equal to the starting bet with a win and the game session ends.
  • Paroli. A variation of positive progression in which the bet is doubled with each win until three consecutive wins hit.
  • D’Alembert. A progressive strategy also called a pyramid. After each loss, the bet is increased by one unit and for each win, the bet is reduced by one unit.

In addition to these, there are strategies using which players place bets on numbers so that they evenly cover the sectors of the Roulette wheel. It allegedly gives them a better chance of hitting a profit.

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